Plan your trip ahead with electrip!

Share your plug with E-drivers and earn money!

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Make your resources available to other e-drivers in the community.


Get the needed information when you need it, where you need it.

Eco friendly

Keep travelling while respecting the environment.

Goal of the application

The goal of the app is to encourage electric car owners to use their electric vehicle even on long distance trajects instead of using a gas powered car. It would be better for the planet and make people discover parts of countries they wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.

Help others during their trip

By putting your charger on the app, you give the possibility to other electric car owners to come by and charge their car when needed. It can be when they visit town or just if they need to charge their car during a long trip. On the plus side you will make a bit of extra cash. The more you share, the more you will make!

Find a charger on the interactive map

Find a place to charge on the interactive map. A nice information card will show you if the charger has the 'fast charging' function, if it is available, if it is compatible with your car and more information about the surroundings (activities, internet connection...).

Work in progress

Unfortunately our great platform hasn't launched yet. Our developers are working hard to make this app a reality as soon as possible.

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